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Advanced Ridgeology Science Workshop

Includes all items in the Basic Workshop plus:

  • Philosophy & "ACE-V" Methodology.
  • Fundamental principles of permanence & individuality.
  • Detailed look into the accepted analysis of fingerprints.
  • Ink to Ink exercises.
  • Designed for Tenprint operators & new Latent Print Examiners.
Latent / Tenprint Workshops

Expert Ridgeology Science Workshop

Completion of the Advanced Workshop is a prerequisite for expert studies:
  • Intensive preparation for IAI latent print certification.
  • Focus on analysis of latents.
Basic Ridgeology Science Workshop
  • Scientific basis for friction ridge identification.
  • Ridge pattern "clues" in fingerprints & palmprints.
  • Correct use of 3rd level detail.
  • Comparison exercises using actual latent prints & inked print cards.
  • Participants are evaluated and assigned unique exercises that are challenging, but achievable.
  • Ideal for senior examiners desiring to increase their speed and accuracy in comparisons, and to help them prepare for the International Association for Identification (IAI) certification examination.
  • Intermediate level class. Although every effort is made to accommodate persons new to the field, some foundation in latent print knowledge is strongly recommended prior to taking the class.